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design prompt

how does one increase tourism and visitor experience in red fort?

understanding the users

in order to understand the problem and the user, there were two surveys done. the first one focused on the problem which was time management and the second survey focused on the user. 

motivation and reflection

This project was more special to me because I was one of the target audience, designing an app was new and fascinating to me. I realized that there are two aspects, graphics and copywriting. Both being equally important.

From the initial stages my intent was to understand users and give them a ubiquitous solution, the color explorations and wireframing were complex but user-centric. 



time buddy . 

human centric design

year 2016

team namoshree jain . rishabh soni 

tools used

Illustrator, Indesign, Xd 


time 16 weeks

about the project

The app is created for every high school or college student struggling to manage time efficiently. It can help you create your own avatar, make schedules, set reminders, create lists, and earn rewards further helping you manage time. 

The user can invite or link their accounts and get approvals if you complete a task. On completion of each task, the user will be awarded which can be redeemed later for great offers. 

time buddy

meet time buddy, the user can create their own avatars which will help them to manage time. Make schedules, set reminders, create lists, mark events every day to manage time efficiently, and complete your work on time. 

the user gets to link their social media accounts with the app and directly incorporate all events and reminders to the app.

identifying users

high school and college students living in urban and semi-urban areas

design prompt

how to reduce college stress of a student through time management


color scheme

  • what do you prefer to do in your free time?

  • are you dependent on your phone?

  • do you prefer the interface?

  • do you often get distracted while working?

  • do you take regular breaks?

  • do you make a list of things you have to do each day?

  • what are the typologies of works you have to do each day?

  • if you get an intervention customized as per your needs to help you manage time, what would you want it to have?

user survey

  • how good is your time management on a scale of 1 to 5?

  • do you make constructive use of your time?

  • do you face difficulties prioritizing your tasks?

  • do you find yourself struggling to meet deadlines?

  • are you still working on an assignment the night before it is due?

  • do you forget the schedule of a particular day or an event?

  • do you take proper breaks?

  • do you feel that you are in charge of your time?

problem survey

login and sign up

the login screen of the app allows the user to register through social networking accounts as well.

The user can fill in personal details to create a personalised experience. 

make your own avatar

the app allows the user to make their own avatar, these avatars help the user to manage time by giving timely reminders.

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