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Currently at SoFi completing my product design Internship and recently graduated from UT Austin with a concentration in Human-Computer Interaction and User Experience :)

I have made a life out of thinking (sometimes a bit too much) about how people come together and connect in the physical and digital worlds around them.


I believe that the projects I have worked on have been the highlight of my design journey. I have been influenced to constantly look for problems and design solutions for them; challenges like these are what drive me to work. And I love every moment of the process.

I aim towards combining my learnings of space design from architecture with UX to integrate diverse perspectives and a collaborative approach to the product innovation process. All this while incorporating the fundamentals of marketing and business strategy.


Apart from this, I have collaborated with the design village to design and curate the curriculum and pedagogy of an international master's program for professionals.

I have been able to expand my caliber and gain global exposure through various international workshops, one of them being building the India Pavilion at Domain de Boisbuchet

Alongside, this I have been mentoring students through their design process, participating and imagining competition entries and have actively been involved with multiple NGOs.

I was recently a UX Design intern at Google for the Cloud team, working on conversational AI for virtual agents. 

A knack for mixology and cooking cures the anxiety I get from my obsession with coffee. Based out of India, hailing from the capital of the country, New Delhi

Hi! I am Rishabh Soni, a product designer 🎨 with a background in architecture 🏡

☕  I'm always interested in connecting with fellow designers of all experience levels — feel free to reach out by EmailLinkedIn or Instagram.

Recently, I was a part of a team designing the biggest temple city of India, Bhubaneswar with an architecture studio, where I work as an architect and also handled communications and give inputs in business development. 

At Dell I worked on enhancing their design system - primarily the Global search and results experience across B2B and B2C Experiences.

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