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design prompt

how does one increase tourism and visitor experience in red fort?

my intent behind

the project

I aim to promote tourism using social media through digital souvenirs   

in the color of the fort  visitor.experience

year 2018

with dalmia bharat group

type individual 

tools used

Illustrator, Indesign, Xd 


location delhi, India

about the project

Red fort is one of the oldest and most famous monuments of India. It captures the heritage and culture of the Mughal Empire architecture, planning, carvings, use of material, landscaping and more. Tourists from all over the world make sure to visit the Lal Qila when they are in India. 

The idea of the project was to attract more eyes and feet to the land of Lal Qila and make people aware of the culture of India. This project brings people to the red fort to experience and be a part of the heritage of India and giving them the experience of the same.


for specially-abled . toilets . souvenirs . pathways . information centre . basic facilities . footfall . market . apps . night trail . friends with monuments scheme . experience . crowd management . maintenance . social responsibilities . operation . seating  wayfinding . audio guide tourism technology . lighting . dustbins . information board

design prompt

how does one  increase tourism and visitor experience  in red fort?

audio & wayfinding       >

"hmm, let's do a studio guide.. wait! isn't it too common?"

speaking pillar        >

"a pillar that talks! sounds like a great idea.. but aren't there already 1000 pillars in the fort?"

transparency       >

"after all this time I finally have a breakthrough - an x-ray vision! but they won't let me have the plans"

build your own souvenir

we have a winner guys!!


audio & wayfinding    >

audio & wayfinding    >

audio & wayfinding    >

audio & wayfinding    >

why a souvenir?

audio & wayfinding    >

audio & wayfinding    >

audio & wayfinding    >

audio & wayfinding    >


upon observation on the first visit to the monument, I observed that there was no experience design apart from the architecture of the monument. 

Tourist help reach a larger masss

Tourist help reach a larger masss

Tourist help reach a larger masss

Tourist help reach a larger masss

Tourist help reach a larger mass

collection of souvenirs

Sharing experiences on social media 

Carrying it back to hometowns

why a souvenir?

the experience

 shoes, jewellery & weapons

turbans & moustache

what happens next?


the proposal intends to create a portal of interaction between the mughals (history of red-fort) and the visitors, it also intends to create a sense of surprise and excitement in the users. 

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