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I worked towards compiling visual identity elements for the application, such as the logo, color palette and iconography.


Connecting dots through a digital interface 

An app designed to connect employees from 4 sister companies together.


The application .ltd or life through design was planned to create a digital connection, initiating a dialogue between the three cores of our design ecosystem - Archohm - a contemporary architecture studio; The design village - a multi-disciplinary institute; and Gomaads - a product design studio and the design factory India - an experience design studio.

All four of the above-mentioned companies were located next to each other, even then there was a lack of communication between employees, as a result of which it became difficult for the four companies to collaborate and ended up functioning as separate firms - employees did not interact and weren't aware of projects or events happening in the other firm. Most of the HR-led team-building exercises turned to be inefficient towards solving this issue.

TIMELINE  12 Weeks 


  • Idea Generation

  • Rapid prototyping - Lo-fi

  • Iteration and Feedback Sessions

  • Usability Testing and Evaluation

  • Development and launch


  • Vidur Madhav

  • Rohit Chaudhary 

  • Studio Archohm


Firstly, I organized the features and tabs required for the project and drew a site map to show the different layers of information and the user flow. The image below is the way the information was structured in the app.

Home screen feed

- Allows employees to share the latest updates and new projects through posting images or text.

- Engagement through commenting and liking. 

- Employees have a feature to mark their attendance.

- HR-related polls and general notifications.

People's screen

- Helps the employees get in touch with each other through a virtual directory of the people from all 4 firms.  

- The filter option makes it easy to locate people.

- A feature to send e-mails, make phone calls, and an option to share their contact details.

- An exhaustive list of contractors and vendors along with their contact information. 

- Personal profile. 


Here is how the final application looks like after design and flow changes.


To make the app visually connected with the design language and ideology of the four firms, I created a series of icons to be used throughout the application. The icons are intended to be Avant grade - unusual but fresh and new.*

*I realize that the icons might not be universal, but the intent was to create an app that captured the design aesthetic of the firm. The icons are not universal and neither is the application.  

The primary color palette for the app is kept monochromatic, whereas 4 colors are used to customize the experience for users. These 4 colors are divided based on the firm that the user belongs to. 

Projects screen

- Read about projects and locate them on google maps.

- Explore archotrips and dtours (company tours and travels).

- An Youtube feed to keep everyone updated with masterclasses.

Campus screen

- Explore areas of the 4 architecture and design firms through an interactive map.

- Scan various QR codes placed on the campus to get details about that space. 

I learned how to work with consultants and developers to realize the design, which gave me a thorough understanding of the entire product design to launch cycle. I also learned how to create end-to-end user flows! During this project, I worked on launching the application on the google play store which was a new experience and great learning. 


I would change the number of screens in the application, upon launching the product we observed. users facing difficulties in understanding all the features and remembering them! as a solution I would want to focus on clubbing screens under themes to define a much comfortable user experience. Further, I would focus on creating a product roadmap to launch different features of the app.

*All images group and other pictures in this project are a property of archohm consults pvt. ltd and are taken from their social media channels.



we need an application to help in team-building and creating connections between our sister companies. 


While deciding the feature set for the application, we researched multiple initiatives and events that happen in the ecosystem. Alongside, we researched elements that would create an immersive experience for the user. We also went ahead to divide the feature sets into phases for the application.


Discuss alot about architecture and design photos

Frequently conduct site visits to different locations 

Have daily office and campus tours for students and visitors

Travel on 'archotrips' to explore architecture and design


Creating a unified design identity

Evaluating the feature set of our MVP


Post the launch of the application, 3 new collaborative projects were initiated in the company. On a regular basis, 20+ posts/day were made by the employees.

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