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developing the pedagogy . coordinating the program . developing dockets .

taking studio lectures . affiliations and partnerships 

my inputs and responsibilities

what is this about 

the international practice in habitat design program is a one-year master level course launched by the design village with an architectural studio archohm, the vision of the program rests on the idea of bridging the gap between the institutional and progression worlds. 

the International Practice in Habitat Design programme

one of my recent collaborations  is setting up a new programme with a design institution

the  context  and the  response  

a monologue

"Being an architect I have always question my learnings from college and their pragmatic interpretations, shifting from a hypothetical system to the hands-on one connect educated me about issues in the system - in college, the learnings circumscribed in an ideational boundary added to building my conceptual and visionary foundations, whereas during my professional years I engaged in methods of realizing a project, the deliverables, and the terminologies. I learned and evolved in both sectors, in isolation. It would also be fair to understand the existence of a disconnect between the two universes?
As a reply to this issue we at the design village and archohm present to you the International Practice in Habitat Design"

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